1 Essential For When You’re Busy

I am not sure whether it’s Boris’ recent announcement or there’s just something in the air, but many horticultural businesses have been inundated with enquiries.

Of course this is AWESOME, but the amount of work can make you feel like you’re drowning. The day to day tasks take over, and processes that you thought were quick you now realise take you a s*** load of time – that you simply don’t have!

Although we want to help create a system to help manage your client process easier (please email info@thelandscaperscircle.co.uk if you have any suggestions/problems you want help with), there is one key thing I recommend you to do.

Note down long and complicated processes

If you have listened to our podcast, or have frequently interacted with me (Charlotte here!), then you will know that processes are one of my favourite things. 

Now you may be thinking “I don’t have time to try and do new processes Charlotte!”, and I hear you.

However, there will be a time you can come up for air and change things for the better. The problem is, we all have rose-tinted glasses when we look in the rearview mirror.

Think back to previous busy periods and you may catch yourself thinking “it wasn’t that bad” or “I got through it” – come on, we can do better than that!

Plus, you may even forget what you were spending all that time on.

So, all I want you to do is write on a post-it (or anything else!) what processes, documents and actions feel like they take too long and are too complicated. Just as and when they arise over the coming days or weeks.

Even if you don’t think improving that process is possible, write it down. We can always look at what is feasible later.

The aim is to get all your frustrations in one place to address and make them easier at a later date. If you’re a TLC member, just email me with this bullet point list and I can provide suggestions and help to streamline your processes.