3 Hacks To Getting More Customers

It’s 9pm. You’re staring at your 2020 diary: the unreadable scribbles from phone calls, the coffee stained corner and the blank gap heading towards you. We’ve all been there, frustratingly unable to book more than a few weeks’ worth of jobs in the diary at this time of year.

You’ve called it – it’s time.

It’s time to stop relying on word of mouth and instead spend a little bit of time embarking on a journey to getting quality customers consistently.


What happens thereafter is generally a mad deep dive of Google searches, looking for quick fixes and marketing hacks to getting more customers. You then get overwhelmed with the enormous amount of information and conflicting points of view, shut the laptop down and tell yourself you’ll look tomorrow.

STOP and don’t press that power button, we have the solution for you. But let’s be completely honest, with the time it takes from an enquiry to them accepting the quote there is no ‘fast’ way to get more customers in the landscaping industry – it’s just not realistic.

So, in the short term, you’re better off focusing on the people you’ve already got 90% through the process – your open quotes. Here are 3 ways ‘hacks’ you can use to get those open quotes to book in their landscaping projects:

1. Pick up the telephone

I know it sounds simple, but when was the last time you followed up with a quote by phone? This is the most effective (and quickest!) way to get a response from potential customers.

You’ll also be able to ask them for feedback if they don’t accept, people will often let you know why they’ve come to their decision and this can provide useful for future quoting. You may even find they simply have questions and haven’t got around to asking you yet. Plus, if the same questions keep cropping up, you can make sure to answer them in consultations or emails to future enquiries.

2. Scarcity emails – limited bookings!

So, you have a few weeks booked in, leaving you blank at the end of April. Flip it on its head and make it known they’ll be missing out if they don’t contact you soon! Here’s some examples of email subject lines you could use:

  • Last Chance for April Install, FIRST NAME
  • Limited April Availability, FIRST NAME
  • Don’t wait until May, FIRST NAME

3. Sales Promotion

This is normally where landscaping businesses start when trying to fill up those blank spaces. The gap in the diary sends you into panic, sending an offer to all your open quotes.

However, offering a discount should be your last point of call. If you can get someone to accept, surely you would want to do it without a discount? Don’t forget in hack one, if they say price is an issue you could discuss cheaper paving products or offering them a discount on the phone.

That isn’t to say sales promotions aren’t effective, they just need to be used wisely. Make sure you decide:

  • Will it be a set percentage or amount off across the board? Check to make sure that doesn’t put you in the red for any of these quotes.
  • Split test – use one offer for 50% of open quotes and a slightly different one for the other 50%. You can then see what works best for future promotions. For example, one is a percentage discount and the other is a monetary discount.
  • Use a code – Make sure to include a promotion code in the email. This way if you split test, you can easily track which is performing better.
  • Set a short end date – setting an end date is important *full stop* because you don’t want someone trying to claim it a year later. But you want to make sure that it’s a short end date so they near immediately must act, otherwise they will forget! We recommend maximum of a week.

There you have it, 3 hacks to getting more customers. We recommend following these from 1 to 3 to truly get the best results.

So that’s ticked off the short term and hopefully you’ll soon be able to breathe a sigh of relief. But don’t stop here, or you’ll end up in the same situation a few months from now.

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