3 Reasons Why You SHOUD Be Picky About Clients

At our latest group coaching, a member described how she was considering turning down an enquiry because:

  • On the inquiry form, the budget didn’t match their requests
  • Our member wasn’t sure if the clients and herself were the right fit for each other

This member mentioned ‘I am grateful for the enquiries, and I don’t mean to sound picky but..”
But here’s the thing, YOU SHOULD BE PICKY! If you can, only selecting to proceed with the enquiries that are right for your business is a good thing. There are three main reasons for this:

  1. You are working towards your goals – in most cases, the enquiries that are right for you are the dream clients you’d like to have more of. If your goal this year is to attract and work with your ideal clients, it’s time to get picky and focus on your marketing. Where do they hang out? What piques their interest?
  2. You are reducing your stress – we have had sooooo many conversations with members about going against your gut to take on a job (maybe because of the pay, or it would be good to add to the portfolio) and coming to regret it later. Maybe it’s because they turn out to be a professional non-payer, or the most demanding client you’ve ever experienced – adding to your stress and making your business less enjoyable. You started this business because you have a passion, and often dealing with these awful clients can diminish this – go with your gut!
  3. You’re offering them the best experience – not only are you helping yourself, but also those home owners! By letting them know you can’t meet their expectations, or that you aren’t the right fit for them, it means they can go on and find someone who can offer them exactly the experience and service they’re looking for.

We know all of this is easier said than done – particularly if you are in need of jobs imminently – and this is a gradual implementation in your business.
Just try and have these ideas in mind when following up with inquiries. You could always create some sort of checklist for vetting your inquiries, as a guide for you whilst on the phone.
In a roundabout way, this blog ties in quite nicely with the podcast episode below. Although Paula is talking about a recent hard sales experience she had, there are a gold mine of tips she shares about listening to your client, deciding if you’re right for them, and selling in general.

As always, if you have any questions just contact us.