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Whether you feel like a complete newbie to the Instagram platform and need some easy step by step instructions, or want to improve your existing content, this is the FREE course for you. #TLCInstagramChallenge

Over five days, Charlotte will provide you with everything you need to start achieving success on Instagram – whatever that means to you! Whether it’s more enquiries, or connecting with industry professionals. Watch this short video for more information.

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What’s Covered


Day 1: Setting Your Instagram Goals

The first step towards successful Instagram marketing is to define what success looks like on the platform for you. Setting clear, measurable goals will inform your approach and keep you on the right track.

On day one, Charlotte talks you through setting clear goals that are right for you and your business.


Day 2: How To Audit & Optimise Your Instagram Profile

Your profile is the first opportunity you have to make a great impression and entice people to hit that “follow” button… think of it as the Instagram equivalent of your website homepage!

Within seconds, someone will make a snap decision on whether to follow your profile or not.

But what informs that decision? Charlotte shows you the key decision factors and how to optimise your profile to attract your ideal clients.


Day 3: Writing Great Captions

Captions are a huge opportunity to connect with your audience and drive more engagement, so much so that we are seeing longer and longer captions in our feeds!

So what makes a good Instagram caption? Charlotte takes you step by step from finding your brand voice to setting up caption categories.


Day 4: Using Hashtags Effectively

Finding the right hashtags for your business can be a game-changer for your growth and you can have up to 30 hashtags per Instagram post.

As I said, these can have a massive impact on the amount of people you reach. On average, the posts I create (for social accounts I manage) are viewed 10% – 50% by people that aren’t following the account.

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Day 5: Scheduling & Tracking Your Success

Today we’re going to put together everything we’ve learned so far: It’s time to schedule your Instagram posts and track your success!

Planning and scheduling your Instagram posts can help to save you valuable time and stay on top of a hectic content calendar. In fact, you can schedule a week’s worth of posts in just 40 minutes!

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Start the challenge today by completing the form below.

How does the challenge work?

Once you have completed one of the forms on this page, you’ll receive an email each of the five days with your insight and video tutorials. On day one, included is a link to the challenge workbook where you can type notes on your computer or print off.

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Jack Heard Garden Design

Even as I approach my 17th year in business – it can still feel like an uphill struggle. TLC has come along and reminded me I still have a lot to learn and that crucially I am not on my own. Paula & Charlotte’s insights into this industry that we love has helped me focus on things that actually make a difference instead of just trying to keep on top of things. Everyone needs a little TLC in their lives.

Richard Birch Gardens

TLC has been instrumental in helping me to focus my social media efforts, and in giving me the tools and systems to achieve my goals.

Kate Charles Garden Design

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