About Us

We are passionate about making your business the best it can be.
But who are we…?

Working with my husband, Mike, on our design and landscaping business has been (and continues to be) an epic journey. It works because we have very different skill sets; he is the skilled designer and landscaper whilst my skills lay in marketing, sales and running the business.

When we first began our joint business I often got asked by others in the industry how we created a great website, had a great brand, generated high quality enquiries and how we worked together. This is when the idea for TLC was born.

I know there is no shortage of skilled, creative and passionate landscapers and garden designers. However, I did see that the gap between being a landscaper and being a business owner needed bridging.

Paula is not only The Landscaper’s Circle founder, but also a fellow owner of a design and landscaping business. Over the last 11 years, Paula has been through it all and wants to share how you can learn from her successes, as well as her pitfalls.

Paula helps you with support, 1:1 calls and more, all coming from someone who GETS it. Paula’s favourite part of her job is building our community and support available to you.

Skilled landscaper and creative designer, husband of Paula and co-founder of The Landscaper’s Circle, meet Mike.

With decades of horticultural experience, Mike brings our specialist knowledge in managing teams, running multiple projects and scaling a successful landscaping business.

Introducing the newest member to our team, Mia! From speaking with our members, answering your questions and supporting TLC with marketing content – Mia is experienced in all aspects of The Landscaper’s Circle.

After completing her apprenticeship, Mia is now our Marketing Assistant!

Together, we are The Landscaper’s Circle and work alongside our trusted partners to deliver on every topic of benefit to help you and your business.