We are passionate about making your business the best it can be. But who are we…

Paula Warman

Since 2010, I have been running a landscaping business with my husband Mike. Together we have taken this business from nothing, no money behind us just a man, a van and some hand tools to a company of 14 staff, yard and office space until it all came crashing down in November 2016.

I was pregnant with our second child, had a child of 18 months and a business that was massively in debt and we were in the process of cutting our losses and potentially going insolvent.

A huge learning process ensued, lots of tears were shed, redundancies made and a huge dent in confidence. However, we managed to save the business, keep some key staff members and fight back. Thankfully we are now on the route to growing again BUT with all the knowledge of how not to do it and putting in place key strategies. This is why I wanted to help other landscaping companies.

My background is in sales and marketing, I did have a sales company before I got pulled (by my husband) into this landscaping business. I utilised all my knowledge of sales and market to grow our business and began to take on the business side too.

To be able to help other landscapers market better, sell better or grow bigger is the dream. I want you to learn from my knowledge and skill set and also to learn from our mistakes too! I will share with you what has worked and what hasn’t for us and feel free to swipe and deploy in your own landscaping business.

Here’s to being better together,

Charlotte Russell


For the last 2 years, I was employed as the Marketing Coordinator for a global manufacturing and supplies company. It has been in this role that I have been able to successfully manage global exhibitions, product catalogues, digital marketing, branding and more. I have experienced marketing an international company and discovered ways smaller businesses can learn from bigger companies.

During this time, I also earned my CIM Level 4 Certificate in Professional Marketing at Southampton Solent University. The CIM is the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the world’s largest professional body for marketers.

Prior to this, I worked with Paula for her landscaping company. I joined them as a Marketing Apprentice and started learning everything about marketing and the landscaping industry.

We came up with numerous marketing campaigns (which we will share with our TLC members), launched new products and services (which we will also share) and at the height of the business generated 62 leads a month. It was these efforts in which we learnt what worked and what didn’t, so we can save you time and money by sharing our tried and tested methods.

I am passionate about the landscaping industry and sharing my marketing knowledge with you all. Marketing both local and global brands, I learnt how smaller businesses can grow into whatever the owner wants it to be, just by using simple and effective marketing.

Looking forward to working with you!

Together, we are The Landscaper’s Circle and work alongside our trusted partners to deliver on every topic of benefit to help you and your landscaping business.