Over 50 years of experience in an ever-changing industry

In podcast episode 43 Paula talks to Alan about all things landscaping, changes in the industry and what to expect in the future.

What holds for the industry in the future?

Alan mentions this year has done good things to the industry, with enquires much higher as people are looking to redo their gardens or driveways with all this time at home. Alan predicts that this will keep on going for a while, and a lot of businesses will be successful out of Covid.

How key is it to have a good designer?

Alan is 100% behind designers as people are realising they must have a design and planning permission. Designers need to put their business head on as then there should be no question on whether the customer doesn’t choose to see the design. Alan is currently doing Zoom classes on the first day of every month looking at specific topics for garden designers. The December topic was on the roles and responsibility of garden designers. If you are interested in these please get in touch with Phil from the APL.

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