Avoiding Overwhelm When Trying To Get More Customers

Recently, we ran the free masterclass ‘Getting More Customers In Uncertain Times‘ with the Association of Professional Landscapers (APL) and after amazing feedback, we’ve decided to create a series of blogs based on the webinar’s key takeaways.

Our first in the series is discussing the importance of quality. Quality of your work but also quality of your marketing. This is especially important when looking at getting more customers in the door.

However, high quality does not mean being ‘perfect’!

Sometimes if you concentrate on being perfect you will never do it. If you are constantly looking at crafting the perfect copy for your website or creating perfect posts for social media, you may spend so much time perfecting it that you do not put it out in a timely manner or you take so long you don’t bother and most crucially you miss out on enquiries!

Watch Charlotte give you actionable tips in the video below:

Marketing is all about testing and improving. So effectively you create content, ads, social posts and put them out there only to then review and improve the next time. So, don’t beat yourself up about being perfect just make sure it is of a good quality.

The element of consistency goes hand in hand with quality. You need to ensure that your marketing reflects your brand and is consistent with everything you are putting out there to the public. Review what you are marketing; is it in-line with your brand, is it of a high quality, is your message consistent, are you marketing consistently?

Review now, make changes and go forward to attract quality clients with your new and improved quality marketing!

To access the full masterclass replay for free, click here. We discuss 3 foundations to getting more customers, choosing the right marketing activities and more!