Can you grow your business in 2021?

Even with a roadmap in place to return to semi-normality, I know the third lockdown has had us all at points feeling a bit doom and gloom. With all the turbulence right now, is it really a good year to focus on growing your business?


MailChimp have released a report analysing the marketing and revenue of small businesses since Covid. The results are staggering.

Just in tracked sales using their platform, MailChimp users that have a Home & Garden business have seen a 113% increase in sales from 2019 to 2020 to 1.6 billion dollars.

But the big stats aren’t the most interesting part, it’s speaking to our community! Here are just some of the comments from our UK garden designers and landscapers:

“With the right tools and support behind you, you can grow your business any year, including 2021. Every business out there was faced with brand new challenges in 2020 and had to learn to adapt, some more than others, however, we all had to face up to change. We were forced to stop and reflect upon ourselves and our business. We were gifted time to plan and perfect our practices in all aspects of our lives and we’ve come back into 2021 with more fight and purpose than ever before! 2021 is the perfect year to grow your business using everything you have discovered over this unprecedented time. 

2021 shows so much potential and it can be difficult to learn to ride the wave again as everything picks up again but remember those valuable lessons from 2021 and remember to stop and reflect when required and smell the roses while you’re there.”

Dulcie & Sam, Selby Landscapes

“I’ve just got in from work covered in mud, seen a design client on my way home and have 2 answerphone messages to reply to, 2 emails and have hours of design work stacking up. I think we can safely say business is booming”

Wendy, The Plant Smith