Dealing With Difficult Customers & Your Mindset

Due to a member issue we heard about this week we decided that a podcast working on mindset, staying motivated and communication would be perfect timing. So, in this week’s podcast we have a guest on the show, John Rice-Cassidy of Training Excellence, an expert in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a coach.

It is so important when running our landscaping & design businesses that we have a focus on mindset as your mindset will affect everything you do in business. If we have a demanding customer, it can affect our mindset and demotivate us. It’s really important to look internally at what values and beliefs you hold. If you are not 100% on what these are listen to the episode!

There are lots of key takeaways from this episode, everyone can learn something from listening to this conversation between Charlotte and John. If you are looking to improve your mindset, explore values & beliefs, challenge your thoughts and start making a difference in how you think and therefore act then do not miss this episode!

We can all learn something from this newest episode.

The full episode is available on our podcast Episode 23 of The Limitless Landscapers Podcast just click below to listen now:

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