Dealing With Time Wasters | Member’s Convo

We have started our series of member conversations and this is the second in the series. These conversations are centred around how we can help our lovely members with their current issues in their landscaping and design business.

Why do this I hear you ask, well we figured that the questions they want tackled in their businesses are probably the same questions you want answered in your business. Plus, the added bonus is we get to chat to our members more and offer them even more support J

In our second members convo of the series we discuss dealing with time wasters, client avatars, ad targeting and Linked In. The idea of spending time creating multiple client avatars may feel like a waste of time but it is a key element of getting your marketing right.

By spending time creating the avatar you can create engaging content and a key message, that will appeal to their pain points and offer them the solution – you and your business. The other key element is locating these ideal clients. Once you have built up a clear picture of them you can choose the right media to target them on.

Why listen to me? Well I have been running my own landscaping and design business for over a decade and have re-visited our avatars, processes, marketing and goals regularly. So, what I tell you guys to do I have already tried and tested in my own business. Before the landscaping days I ran my own sales and marketing consultancy business so this is my passion that I want to share with you!

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The Landscaper’s Circle · Back By Popular Demand | Member’s Convo

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