3 Ways Email Marketing Will Save You Time And Get You More Customers

A key marketing strategy for any landscaping or design business is utilising emails to gain new clients and generate new business.

As a society we now all communicate via email and we are all checking our emails daily (if not hourly!). It is a marketing strategy that can give you great results if set up and executed correctly.

As a starting point here are 3 emails that will get you more customers even if you are short on time:

  • Following up all open quotes – a series consisting of two or more emails, which sends over the space of a couple of months. This is a great opportunity to offer a discount if they accept within a certain number of days.
  • Requesting testimonials from existing customers – this email not only saves you time but directing them to Google reviews and Facebook reviews also helps to get new customers, building trust in your business.
  • Responding quickly to new enquiries – Sending an automated thank you email after they enquire from your website helps build that trust in your business and is a good opportunity to include some general information about what the next steps are from their enquiry.

There are three ways to get these email campaigns consistently generating you more income:

1) The first thing to look at is who.

Who are you going to send your perfectly crafted fully automated email campaigns to? There are a few options here depending on how well you keep your records/databases. You could send an email campaign out to existing customers. This is a great way to launch a new service you offer, upsell them having more landscaping completed or a maintenance package.

Another campaign you could send to customers is to generate referrals – if they were happy with the service you provided can they refer any friends or family who would be interested, and you can use this opportunity to gain testimonials too.

Another group of people who are perfect to send an email campaign out to and generate quick sales are open quotes. Have you been guilty of not following up on every quote due to time and/or an aversion to picking up the phone?! If so, send this email campaign out ASAP and see sales come rolling in. Look out for our bundle that has an exact follow up sequence mapped out for you (Turn Your Quotes into Cash) coming out in 2020!

Finally, you could start an email campaign to anyone who enquired with you but did not buy – non-buyers. This campaign may give them free advice, tips etc and then offer a discount or freebie. Again, you can mention any news you have that would be of interest and anything that may change their mind about choosing you.

2) The second thing to look at is the content.

You will need to spend some time crafting an email campaign that not only talks to your customers in language they will engage with, but the emails should also contain a reason to email i.e. free consultation, discount, freebie etc and highlight their pain points and how you will take the pain away.

EXAMPLE: Their children can’t use their garden as it is a mud bath, but you are the landscaper to fix this problem as you specialise in gardens suited to children, you can design & build the garden of their dreams. All they have to do is sign up for the 10% discount off all quotes accepted in January.


3) The last thing to look at is automation.

Automated email campaigns, once set up, run themselves. The key is to find a software to do this, i.e. Mailchimp – this is the free way of running automated email campaigns other CRM systems such as Active Campaign or Keap can also run automation and give you more flexibility, but beware they do charge a monthly fee.

Automation will save you tons of time by sending out the emails to your databases when you have scheduled them to go out and will give you reports on how well each campaign is doing. This then gives you the ability to tweak and change as needed to get even better results.

Email campaigns do take some time to write, set up and schedule but the benefits can be huge – they will save you time in the long run. They will generate sales and sales generate profit and that’s what businesses survive on.

If this sounds like hard work, click here as we can help you write your marketing emails via our done for you service. Keep your eyes peeled as we will be launching lots of new bundles in 2020.

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