Finding balance and success during lockdown

I think it’s safe to say we’re all fed up of lockdown three, and experiencing groundhog day is taking a toll. For me (Charlotte), this blog is as helpful for me as it is you.

With a lot of things, we often know how to better the situation, it’s just consistently remembering and doing the dang thing.

After a couple of weeks of putting it off to tomorrow, I was forced to deal with my problems head on – it got too much and I was one issue away from diving face first into a vat of icecream. Can you relate?

Everything just seems so difficult at the minute, and if you’ve got kids, I am sure juggling work and homeschooling is no joy. Paula is home with the kids, and trying to find a temporary norm for TLC has been a challenge.

So when I sat down with myself, I focused on what I can control rather than what I can’t. If you can spend just two minutes thinking on this, it’s going to make a difference.

For me? Here’s what I can control:

  • Continuing to workout using the Alive app – for the first time in a long time I’ve been regularly exercising and it definitely improves my mental state.
  • Meal planning – although there is no way I can commit to meal prepping, planning my meals in advance is going to avoid the last minute Marmite sandwich that really doesn’t do it for me.
  • Theming my days – if you can theme your days, it’s really powerful. You have one specific focus, which avoids you saying ‘I am ALWAYYYSSS doing social media’ or ‘I am ALWAAAYYSSS writing quotes’. Even if you’re on site and you do the back end of the business in the evening, do quoting one night, marketing the next etc
  • Listing absolutely everything and changing priorities – Have you ever gone to prioritise your daily to-do and thought ‘IT ALL NEEDS TO BE DONE NOWWW!’, felt overwhelmed and ran straight to the kettle for another cuppa’ to brace yourself? I feel you. It can make exciting launches and projects feel like a chore, so it’s time to have a rethink. Do you really need to launch that extra service in April, or can it wait to May? Do you need to focus on streamlining your client experience before taking on that massive launch? Be honest with yourself, trust me, it’s freeing.
  • Giving myself some grace, even if I don’t feel I deserve it – As business owners, we can be our harshest critic. We never give ourselves the breaks and grace we need. Particularly if you have kids at home, give yourself a bit of grace. I got so frustrated a couple of Fridays ago from various items, throw in a banging headache, and I signed off work at 3pm. I started to beat myself up about it but then paused to think. Is the world going to end if I do this? No. Am I going to be working at my best if I try to push through this? No. Would I be better off spending one hour tomorrow doing this, then three frustrated hours now? Hell yes.

So there you have it – my five tips for finding balance during lockdown. This is an unprecedented time, and we don’t want to proclaim we know it all – we’re figuring it out just like you.
We’re all about sharing what we know at TLC, to try and help you. I have learn so much from Heidi Marke and others, it’s just remembering to do the dang thing.

Just keep swimming, Charlotte