7 Free Ways To Improve Your Business At Home

We bet there are things you’ve been meaning to do (for a while now) in your landscaping or design business, but other things have always taken priority. Speaking as fellow landscapers, we get it.

We’ve felt the stress of running from site to quoting and spending your evenings dealing with everything that comes with being a business owner.

With all this time in self-isolation, you may be feeling lost and worried about the future of your business. Covid-19 will not beat you and it will not beat us, as long as we stick together and keep going.


Here’s a list of things you’ve probably been meaning to do for a while, with some of our resources to help you get there. They are all free (the only cost is your time) and they will all make positive changes in your business:

Review your website text

Your website text is so important for your ranking in Google and getting the right people to enquire. Have a look through your website and make any necessary tweaks. Here’s a few tips from our copy expert, Charlotte:

  • Review one page at a time, starting with your homepage.
  • Look at it as if you were your ideal customer – would this attract you? Does it include all necessary information?
  • Does it focus on THEM rather than WE
    • THEM example – Your driveway will stand the test of time, with a 5 year guarantee on workmanship plus paving manufacturer’s warranties
    • WE – We offer 5 year workmanship guarantees
  • Do you mention key areas that you work or want to work in e.g. Dorset, Peterborough
  • Do you include call to actions? E.g. View our patios page, Contact for your personal quote today

Once you have amended your website text, get a few people to read it! Ideally people who would fit the bill of your ideal customer. It’s great for noticing those spelling mistakes, sentences that don’t quite make sense or anything else you might have missed!

If you want further help on your website text, contact us today.

Review your website images

When was the last time you updated the project photos and videos on your website? Have a look through and update.

If you’re photos are a bit dark or need a bit of editing, check out Charlotte’s IGTV on Instagram (@thelandscaperscircle) on how to edit your landscaping photos using the free app A Color Story.

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Update your Instagram bio


Your bio is one of the first things a potential customer sees when visiting your profile. It’s crucial that it highlights your services, piques their interest and more.

Click here to watch our step-by-step video tutorial on creating an awesome Instagram bio on our blog today.

Convert your open quotes


Have you been meaning to follow up with a few people? Do you even know how many open quotes you have at the moment?

In a recent blog, we gave you 3 ways to convert your open quotes using tried and tested methods. Not only will you convert some open quotes, but you may also get some important feedback from any that don’t accept – this could provide some ways to improve your business for future enquiries.

Click here to view the blog now.

Choose a social scheduler


Social media scheduling apps are a LIFESAVER. You don’t have to think up captions each day and you don’t even have to upload the post!

Charlotte has tried many apps over the years of running social media accounts and has curated her top 3 for you, based on different requirements you might have.

Click here to watch her advice now.

Know your numbers


Now is a perfect time to go through your numbers, not just for making sure you’re in the black, but looking at where you can save money. Reviewing your overheads is crucial and having a cashflow WILL transform your business.

Also looking at how many enquiries you convert on average can really help set targets for how many enquiries you need each month to sustain (and grow!) your business.

Click here to read the blog now.

Plan your next year of business


Everything may seem a bit up in the air currently, but this will pass. Spending some time now to get your goals defined and get a plan together for getting there is crucial for making this your best year yet.

In our free ‘Building Success Productivity Planner’ we talk you through how to do just that. Click here to download today.

And there you have it! 7 free ways to improve your business at home.

We hope you’re doing okay during this unprecedented time and if you need any advice or support, please do not  hesitate to contact us on 02381 800108 or email info@thelandscaperscircle.co.uk

Stay safe guys,

Paula & Charlotte