GoLive Campaign

Your website can be the first impression to potential customers, so it’s vital that your website is looking its best. If you’ve been thinking your website needs a refresh, but:

  • You can’t afford to hire a web designer
  • Don’t have the time to DIY

Then we have the solution for you!
Squarespace is an easy to use web platform, but the templates are a little basic… that’s why we’ve partnered with GoLive to offer you something a bit more special.
GoLive offer beautiful and easy to use Squarespace templates.  These templates are effectively designed to promote your business, and save you time designing.
In this week’s video, Charlotte tells you all about GoLive:

So, how does it work? You can have your dream website in 4 simple steps:

  1. Choose Your Template – click here to view the templates.
  2. Get Your Template & Tutorials – after purchase, the GoLive team includes a free installation service. Your template will be in your Squarespace account within 24 hours. Plus, you get access to video tutorials showing you how to customise your site.
  3. Customize Your Site – make sure the copy and images are right for your business.
  4. Go Live – Make sure you have a Squarespace plan, and then you can go live!

As a TLC partner, GoLive are offering you and our community 10% off every template, use code LANDSCAPERS10
Click the link below to find your dream website now:https://www.golivehq.co/shop?ref=charlotterussell
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.