What it Takes to Grow to a Six-Figure Landscaping Business

How do you grow your landscaping business to six figures? Below are six practical ways on how to grow your landscaping business, but it also takes guts and sheer determination too.
We can give you all the tips in the world, but consistently showing up is the ultimate key. 

  1. Vision – having a clear vision for the business is key. Using this vision, you can then plan and set goals in order to grow your landscaping business.
  2. Knowing your numbers – Get clear on where you are now in order to know where you are heading and what this looks like. Focussing on the key numbers in your business, as well as consistently checking cashflow will ensure you will know if you are growing. Click here to view our blog on knowing your numbers.
  3. Marketing and sales strategy – how do you grow a landscaping business? Through generating quality enquiries. These will come from being clear on your avatar(ideal client) and then creating and executing an effective marketing plan. From there on it’s all about the conversion of enquiries to sales. Here’s a video all about marketing plans with Paula:

(Use video from this blog – Get More Customers For Your Landscaping Business With A Marketing Plan | The Landscaper’s Circle)

  1. You need a team – if you are looking to grow your landscaping business to six figures and beyond you will definitely need a team. That all starts with recruitment and then upskilling from there.
  2. Quality and skill – there are no end to the amount of ‘cowboy builders’ around and the way to effectively grow your landscaping business is to be able to deliver exactly what you promise you can do. Effectively using your skill set and ensuring the quality of work you produce stays uncompromised. This is key to ensuring a quality reputation and can lead to you being able to charge higher prices as the business grows and becomes more established.
  3. Customer journey – there needs to be a clear journey the cutomer takes when they decide to buy from you. This means making sure they are kept informed every step of the way as well as asking happy clients for referrals and testimonials. This will grow the business and increase credibility, as well as creating customers for life along the way.

 There are six ways to help show you how to grow a landscaping business. If you need more help, advice and resources get in touch. This is what The Landscaper’s Circle does best.