How To Avoid Overwhelm When Marketing Your Business

Today we are talking about how to avoid overwhelm.

As small business owners we are often doing multiple different jobs and in doing so there is the tendency to get overwhelmed.

Whether you are trying to build the business or at the very start of your business journey overwhelm can happen to anyone of us. There is always something we should be doing!

There are always lots of things you should and/or could be doing in the business particularly when it comes to marketing. There is always another social media platform to be on, an email campaign to send, websites to build…the list goes on.

To help with this overwhelm we have a few tips:

  1. What do you enjoy doing? These are the activities you love to do. It could be posting on Instagram, writing content for your website, taking photographs of projects to build your gallery. Whatever you enjoy do more of it! If you enjoy what you are doing, then you will naturally start doing more and in return your business will start growing. Remember it’s not about should it’s about what you can do now to move the business forward and that all starts with activities you enjoy.
  2. Get great at the stuff you love then add something else. For example: you have got really good at Instagram and then you add in Facebook. Or if you have created a great website that is attracting more clients then you add in a lead magnet to capture client details and then add in an email campaign to convert them to customers. Whatever it is you decide to do, do it well then layer up.
  3. Take action! Take focussed action in moving the needle forward. Whatever stage you are at whether you are growing the business, just getting started or just taking the leap just take some action. Taking action is all about starting now and getting perfect later (Rob Moore, The Disruptive Entrepreneur). If you wait till you are perfect, you will never get it done. Don’t wait just take action now.

If you need more help with avoiding overwhelm then TLC can help you in three ways:

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