How to create an effective logo for your business

Your logo needs to be instantly recognisable, to help build awareness of your business in potential customers. Your logo should fall in line with your branding e.g. your fonts and colours and should reflect your brand values.

For example, if one of your core values is clean or modern, you don’t want an overly complicated logo design. Make sure you have your branding guide in front of you when creating your logo.

TOP TIP: It’s good to look at your competitor’s logos for reference, but you do not want your logo to look like theirs. The main purpose of a logo is to stand out against your competitors, to identify in the eyes of the customer.

Don’t have a branding guide? We help you with your guide, logo, fonts and more in our Branding topic. Become a TLC member to start today.


A good logo stands out but remains quite simple and practical.

Below is our example company – Test Landscapes. Their brand vision and core values heavily focus on boldness and creativity of their patio and driveway installations, so the logo should reflect this. To do this, we have included their brand colours to highlight that boldness and ensure they stand out from their competitors.

TOP TIP: Notice there are two variations of the logo below. This is so that the logo will work for every use its needed for. Logo 1 will be used for the website and Logo 2 is ideal for the company’s uniform.





You also need to make sure that the logo works in black and white. For example, your uniform may be red polo shirts. If so, the above logos wouldn’t work, so check that your logo will work without colour:


Remember, don’t follow a trend. The aim is to go for a logo that will be timeless, you don’t want to be updating your logo every couple of years.

Can’t decide between a few of your logo designs? Why not show them to some existing customers – they are the type of people you’re trying to attract and are more likely to give you proper feedback than a family member or friend.

Where can you create a logo?

The best place to create a logo is using the free online software called Canva. Simply sign up with your email to start creating your logo, click here to visit the website. Also, we cover how to use Canva in our Branding topic.

Want to get more customers?

Just by tweaking a few things, your branding can help you receive more enquiries. We show you how to do this in our Branding topic, with free templates ready to use in your business. Become a TLC Member to start today.

Don’t want to design your logo yourself?

The Landscaper’s Circle also offers a Done for You service, where we can create your logo and branding for you. Click here for more information.