How To Find Your Dream Clients (Easily!)

How To Find Your Dream Clients (Easily!)

As you are probably aware we ran a free masterclass ‘Getting More Customers In Uncertain Times‘ with the Association of Professional Landscapers (APL) and after amazing feedback, we’ve decided to create a series of blogs based on the webinar’s key takeaways.

Our third in the series is discussing the importance of your customer avatar. This is really knowing who your ideal customer is and tailoring your message to attract more of them, use the media they are most likely to see and engage with and create your marketing around them.

Initially look at your existing customers, are they the right customers for you and your business? Or are you looking to attract another type of client?

When creating a customer avatar (and you will most likely have more than one), look at their likes and dislikes, their profession, income, family status, interests and hobbies etc, to create a detailed picture of where they might hang out and what they will be reading, listening to and watching.

Watch Charlotte give you more information on this in the video below:

Spending time working on your customer avatars is well worthwhile as it means you will be creating a message that speaks directly to your ideal client and will be hanging around in the places they are most likely to see you.

To access the full masterclass replay for free, click here. We discuss 3 foundations to getting more customers, choosing the right marketing activities and much more!