How To Use Instagram SEO For Your Business

With more and more people using Instagram to search for products and services in their area (over Google!), Instagram have recently released a new search feature to aid this even further – introducing Instagram SEO.

With the old search function on Instagram, you could only really search for hashtags or names. Now, they have updated it so that you can search any keyword, for example contemporary garden design, and it will now pull posts based on your caption and other items!

Why is this important to your business? How can you use it to your advantage? Watch the video below where Charlotte gives you all the details:

As Charlotte mentions, you need to include relevant keywords into your captions that you want to rank for, just like you would on your website and blog posts!

DO NOT start keyword stuffing (putting loads of keywords next to each other). Even if Instagram’s technology doesn’t detect this yet, it will, just like Google does today. Not only that, but it looks spammy to those viewing your post and will decrease their trust in you as a business.

Just focus on including relevant keywords where applicable into your captions, make sure you are still updating your image alt text and using key hashtags.

If you would like more help on this, click here to view our free 5-day Instagram Success Course. Over 5 days, Charlotte sends you video tutorials on writing captions, optimising your profile and more.