The Importance Of Community & Associations | Phil Tremayne, Association of Professional Landscapers

Do you know the importance of being a part of an industry community? In podcast episode 40 Paula is joined by Phil Tremayne from Association of Professional Landscapers (APL) and answer the questions:

Why is the industry community important to you and your business?

Having a community is so important to you and your business, especially for when things get tough. You have people to talk to, offer support, and makes you realise you are not alone. 

What would be the benefit of joining an association like the APL?

The benefit of coming together and joining associations like the APL, is that if you have any questions or concerns, you can have that support and back up. 

What makes APL different to other associations?

The APL offers 3 memberships for the price of one! You become a member of the HTA (Horticultural Trades Association) and the Government TrustMark scheme. Plus, the APL awards are coming soon so make sure to check them out –

If you had any concerns or questions you would be able to ask your community and get advice from them.

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