Enrolment to The Landscaper’s Circle (TLC) is OPEN for a limited time only, closing on Friday 5th February. You can have a dedicated team by your side to support you, keep you accountable and help you achieve your goals.

You’re here because you want to create success, build an amazing business and make a change to your life, but…


So how about we begin right now, together, to get it all straightened out for you, so that you can build a successful business and live your best life?

The Landscaper’s Circle is here to help you, with the ultimate mix of support, training and templates.

It’s a simple process, right from the beginning…

Once you have become a member, we will send out your welcome pack. This includes all the information you need to make the most out of TLC, and EXACTLY where to start.

We’ll also email you the Goal Setting PDF ahead of your first Limitless Live, more on that shortly!

Now, let’s get you a step-by-step action plan with our monthly live events:

Ahead of your first Limitless Live, we will send you a Goal Setting PDF so we’re clear on what you want to achieve. Held monthly on Zoom, Paula and Charlotte go through two sections:

  • Limitless Learning – For the first portion of the call, Paula or Charlotte reviews an aspect of marketing that you have submitted or provide a mini masterclass on a topic chosen by you and your fellow members.
  • Goal Setting & Accountability – Based off your goals, we’ll provide monthly focussed actions for you to complete. We want to make sure you’re not overwhelmed, which is why Paula and Charlotte talk through actions that are realistic, and give you a clear plan.

No need to make notes! Following each live event, you will be sent your own action plan with a handy checklist. This PDF also includes which TLC topics and resources will help you with your actions, no searching around the website!

Every month, you can join group coaching with Paula and Charlotte. This Zoom call offers you the chance to pick their brains and ask for help on anything in your business. It’s also great to hear advice given to other members, sparking some inspiration for your business!

On your monthly actions PDF from Limitless Lives, you also have space for group coaching notes and questions to ask – so everything is all in one place.

You have all the tutorials and customisable templates at your disposal:

As soon as you become a member, you unlock access to our library of topics. Topics consist of four, bite sized video tutorials to help you improve your marketing and business practices.

Every topic comes with a downloadable workbook ready for your awesome notes, and templates ready to implement into your business. All of these customisable templates are tried and tested, specifically designed for horticultural business owners. A new topic is added every eight weeks, on a subject requested by you and your fellow members.

And we’re here for you every step of the way

As a member, you get access to on-hand support. Whether you’re wanting to ask a question, get feedback on some of your work or anything else, we’re just an email (or call!) away.

As your dedicated support team, we’ll be cheering you on and celebrating your wins, supporting you through the tough times, and giving you a loving kick up the pants when needed!

Click here to view the TLC Memberships PDF detailing each membership level and what’s included.


Included in the Limitless Membership:

  • Access to all topics (video tutorials)
  • Ready to use, customisable templates
  • Limitless Lives
  • Group Coaching
  • Members’ News
  • Shop & Done For You Discount
    (10% Discount)

£49 P/M


Included in the Limitless+ Membership:

  • Access to all topics (video tutorials)
  • Ready to use, customisable templates
  • Limitless Lives
  • Group Coaching
  • Members’ News
  • Shop & Done for you Discount
  • (10% Discount)
  • Marketing Masterclasses
  • 1 Hour of Done For You Every Month

£99 P/M


Included in the Limitless VIP Membership:

  • Access to all topics (video tutorials)
  • Ready to use, customisable templates
  • Limitless Lives
  • Group Coaching
  • Members’ News
  • Shop & Done for you Discount
  • (20% Discount)
  • Marketing Masterclasses
  • 1 Hour of Done For You Every Month
  • 1:1 Calls Every Quarter
  • WhatsApp Accountability Group

£149 P/M

The Landscaper’s Circle is a community of INCREDIBLE horticultural business owners from all over the UK that you can connect and collaborate with, and we can’t WAIT to meet you! Hear from some of them below.

Want more coaching and support? We’ve got you covered.

Exclusive to Limitless VIP, 1:1 calls are great for creating action plans, reviewing aspects of your business or marketing, and taking mentoring one step further.

TLC will email to book you in for 1:1 calls and will automatically add you to the WhatsApp Accountability Group. This group is great for when you need quick responses from Paula or Charlotte.

Click here to view the TLC Memberships PDF detailing each membership level and what’s included.

But is The Landscaper’s Circle for you?

If you’re a horticultural business owner, The Landscaper’s Circle has been designed to help your business. If you’re feeling any of the items listed below (or something similar), you can also be sure The Landscaper’s Circle has been created to help you as a person.

You’re fed up of trying to figure everything out by yourself.  You’re ready for a change.  You’re ready to take things to another level!

You want to build amazing friendships with like-minded business owners who can help to support you along your journey and vice-versa.

You want to have accountability so that you actually do the things you really need to do! No more putting stuff off!

You’re ready to learn, you’re determined to succeed and you just want to roll your sleeves up and get stuck in.

But, how do we know?

The Landscaper’s Circle was co-founded by Paula Warman and Charlotte Russell. Over eight years ago, Paula left her own sales and marketing company to join her husband’s small landscaping business.

Within just 5 years, she won an award for Business of The Year, garnered many awards for landscaping projects, and was published in multiple newspapers and magazines. This business consistently hits 5-figure income months, and although it’s had much success, Paula wanted to change the loneliness she felt in the industry by creating The Landscaper’s Circle.

By us experiencing pretty much every high and low you can in business, you can learn from these experiences, alongside our group of outside experts. Charlotte herself started out as an apprentice for Paula’s landscaping business, gaining valuable knowledge of how the horticultural industry ticks.

Not only does Charlotte have knowledge of the industry, but has also worked with global manufacturers inside and outside the industry, and is qualified with the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

We also manage marketing for clients, including:

garden costs the landscapers circle
talasey group the landscapers circle

As a member, you get 10% discount on all done for you services. Hear from some of our amazing clients below:

Have questions? We hope so.

We know how frustrating contracts can be, which is why The Landscaper’s Circle is a rolling subscription – meaning you can cancel at any time.

Of course! Click here to book your free 15 minute call with Paula or Charlotte or call us on 02381 800108.

Yes! All our content is tailored to landscapers and garden designers, everything we do in The Landscaper’s Circle is created with garden designers in mind.

With every membership level, you get access to all the video tutorials and templates. The difference between the membership levels is the amount of support you get. Click here to compare what each membership level offers.

We do offer the Limitless subscription at a reduced price for student and graduates. To see what’s included, click here to view the Limitless membership PDF.

Ready to become a member? Click here to view the Student & Graduate pricing and sign up page.

So, what do you say?

Let’s get started and help you achieve your dreams. Simply complete the form below to sign up for the Limitless monthly membership. Want a different level? Click here to view Limitless+ and Limitless VIP.