Key learnings of a landscaper from 2020

Reflecting back on our 2020 as a landscaping and design business has been interesting. It has set the tone for planning a well thought out 2021 taking into consideration the current economic climate and all whilst in the midst of a pandemic.

We are very lucky to be in an industry that has boomed during the pandemic. This is probably because we are all looking at our homes and outdoor spaces and wanting them to fulfil and inspire us more. Mid way through 2020 just after lockdown 1.0, we employed a full-time in-house garden designer with skills beyond what we had in-house already. It was a bold move in the midst of uncertainty, but it paid off.

This taught us that there might never be a right time only a time for opportunity and it’s our choice as a small, growing business to grab these opportunities with both hands and run with them.

It’s about risk taking all whilst reviewing the numbers first. When looking at this leap for us as a business we ran the numbers before committing to the hire. This is something I advocate for all the business owners I work with at The Landscaper’s Circle and has served me well over the years in my landscaping and design business.

Another key element that came out when reflecting back is to concentrate on what you can control, not on what you cannot. This was a big factor in overcoming fear particularly when Covid19 hit us all. As business owners we were all faced with big decisions on whether to stay open or close temporarily, whether we could keep employees working or whether we furloughed our teams, whether we could pivot and diversify into online offerings and most importantly how we could keep ourselves, our family and our staff safe.

It was a time of fear, but also of opportunity. The opportunity to spend time with our loved ones, I personally haven’t seen as much of my family as I have on Zoom since the start of the pandemic. It was an opportunity to develop our online shop offering paving products online and this worked out really well. So much so that we are now looking at developing, tweaking and re-launching in March 2021. It was an opportunity to help and serve our clients even better. This was particularly true of the work we do in The Landscaper’s Circle. During the pandemic we grew our membership and were able to help, assist and support our members during this time and develop and grow them and their businesses. It has been almost magical to see how our work helps others in the industry click here to find out more

Finally, I learnt the power and importance of mindset. It has been a perfect time to potentially fall into despair, negativity and feeling nothing but bad is on the horizon, but it has also been a perfect opportunity (there’s that word again) to work on our mindset to counteract this.

Mind over matter is truly the way to live. If you can create the space to drop into your body and out of your head, your decision-making ability and actions list evolves beyond belief. How have I achieved this, well working with a very good friend Heidi Marke! Developing our mindset both as a business owner and on a personal level has so many benefits. It can be the difference between a good day and a bad day and even a good day and a great day. Working on your mind and perspective on life has been the single best learning point that I have worked on and developed through 2020 and am continuing to work on (daily) in 2021. If this is an area you want to work on, then click here for Heidi’s simple and effective method

That’s it from me, there is so many more things I have learnt along the way, too many to share in one article. If you have a landscaping and design business that you are looking to grow. Or you want support from someone who just ‘gets it’, please connect with me and check out The Landscaper’s Circle.

Check out my podcast The Limitless Landscaper’s Podcast made for businesses in the landscaping and horticultural space.