What You Can Learn From Our Mystery Announcement Campaign

On Tuesday 3rd November, we announced our online event Virtually Limitless, where horticultural business owners can get ahead for a successful 2021 (click here for more information).

However, we had been teasing this major announcement for a few weeks prior with our ‘mystery announcement’ campaign. In this blog, I am going to talk you through exactly why we did this, how we did it, and how you could do something similar.

Why do a mystery campaign?

Teasing a massive announcement is great for getting your target audience to engage with your social posts, hit ‘follow’ and keep checking back to your profile for the big news. You can also coordinate this with emails and a banner on your website.

We did this for TLC, and encouraged people to sign up to be the first in the know for the announcement.

Now you might be thinking, why on earth would people enter their email address for that? There are two reasons:

  1. People that are avidly engaging with your profile, know the value you provide, trust you and sign up immediately
  2. You provide an incentive for joining the announcement email list

An incentive could be anything from a checklist, brochure or video tutorial. For us, it was access to a video tutorial from our Sales Process topic on ‘Closing The Sale & Overcoming Objections’. Offering a topic video is something we had never done before, so people knew it was a big announcement.

Overall, getting people to sign up for an announcement list means you already have an interested list of contacts for your new service/product/event. They are your first port of call with a launch email and campaign, and are more likely to purchase than anyone else.

And even if you don’t get many signups, you will have developed heavily engaged social followers, added to your following, and stood out against your competition.

How do you do a mystery campaign?

The key with a mystery campaign is to tease the launch without giving the game away. For you, it could be highlighting zoomed in photos of the products or services, or graphics that appear to be nothing to do with each other.

Here are the graphics we used for the mystery campaign, the ones we posted on launch and the wording we used in the launch email alongside the colour images:

Mystery Graphic

Launch Graphic

Launch Email & Social Wording

On Thursday 3rd December, we will be holding Virtually Limitless! This online event is unlike anything we have ever done before and is unlike anything the industry has seen before. ]

Virtually Limitless is an online planning bootcamp for horticultural business owners like yourself to review 2020 and get ahead for a successful 2021.

Access the event anywhere, and on any device! Whether you’ll be tuning in on your laptop, tablet or phone you can watch and improve your business.  

Plus, we’ve created the event to fit around the school run, so if you’ve got little ones you won’t be missing a thing!

There are 12 speakers who are sharing the very best and latest tips on reviewing your business and planning for 2021. From manufacturers such as Talasey and London Stone, through to the Association of Professional Landscapers, Sam Hassall and more.

Click here to view all our speakers and the schedule for the day.

You’ll have two live hosts, Paula and Charlotte! Introducing each speaker, answering your questions during Q&A and in the comments – your right hand women are there for you every step of the way.

Everything we’ll be sharing with you is to help you make positive changes to impact your business for a successful 2021. There are no limits to what you can achieve, as long as you put your mind to it and work for it. Our speakers are a testament to that!

As an attendee, you’ll get access to exclusive offers from our speakers and more.

Included in the welcome pack is your printed workbook. Following each of the seminars and providing contact details of the speakers, you have everything you need to take awesome notes.

Once you purchase your ticket, you’ll get sent a welcome pack in the post full of goodies and all the information you’ll need for the day.

Alone, these graphics don’t make sense but together, it’s cohesive!
Now, let’s give you some key actions to make a mystery campaign work for you:

  1. Map out the deadline for your launch and when you want to start teasing it (we recommend 4 weeks).
  2. List the key benefits and features to potential clients
  3. How can you play on these with graphics or photos?
  4. What incentive could you offer?
  5. How are you going to pique their interest on the launch email and social? Conveying the benefits is vital.

To get your hands on a ticket for Virtually Limitless, click here.

If you have any questions, or would like a quick chat, click here to contact us.