Join Our Team Of

Limitless Launch Landscapers

Hey landscaping friend!

We need your help with something.

We want to invite you to be one of our Limitless Launch Landscapers to share our podcast launching soon, The Limitless Landscapers Podcast.


All we need from you is to share the podcast (and maybe leave a smashing review if you love it) and in return we want to give you at least one gift AND the chance to win some awesome prizes.

Here’s what’s on offer…

The First Gift


As a welcome gift for signing up, we’re letting you get your hands on one of our much-coveted templates (which are usually reserved for exclusive use by our #TLCMembers)… For FREE.  

The Building Success Productivity Planner is made for the landscaper who is ready to start setting goals and achieving them.
Get clear on your goals, how you’ll take focused action towards them and voila! You’ve nailed your 2020 business goals.

The Second Gift

For everyone that joins in with the launch activities (more on that in a sec) we will be giving you FREE access to my course Websites That Convert For Landscapers.
If you know us, then you know that we created the landscaping website of our dreams:

  • Attracts visitors that are interested in our services
  • Turns those visitors into enquiries
  • We get enquiries that are RIGHT for our landscaping business

All of that was created by harnessing the techniques Charlotte and Jack speak about in this video.

Our Website course is here to help you learn how to create your wildly successful landscaping business, whatever success means to you.

The Prizes

But we’re not stopping there! Oh no.

There will be 3 prizes for 3 landscapers who help the most with our Limitless Landscapers Podcast launch.

The winners will receive:

3rd Place – FREE Social Media Graphic x 3, designed specifically for you by our marketing experts

2nd Place – FREE access to our Planning topic – Make 2020 your best business year yet!

This is for you if you are looking to achieve your goals and make this your best year of business yet.

1st Place – A FREE 1 hour success coaching call with Charlotte or Paula

If you are looking for some direction then this is where we can help you. If you want accountability then this is the way to get it.

3 x FREE Social Media Graphics

We will create 3 graphics for you, after a discussion to find out what graphics you want. You will receive the full file of images and you are then able to re-size them to suit different social media platforms and post them whenever and wherever you choose!

FREE Access To Our Planning Topic

In this bundle, you’ll learn all about goal setting, creating your marketing plan, executing your marketing plan and mindset!

FREE 1 Hour Success Coaching Call

Get your business on the right tracks with a success call with Paula or Charlotte. We’ll discuss where your business is at now, where you want it to be and how we’re going to get you there.

Why are we giving this all away?

Because, quite simply: We need your help.

And we value your time massively.  So we want to make sure you are getting WAY more back than we’re asking you to put in.

We’re launching our podcast – The Limitless Landscapers Podcast – this month.  We feel so passionately about spreading our message: that landscaping doesn’t have to mean long hours, running round to site visits and stressful evenings typing up quotes. And we want our podcast to educate, inspire and empower landscapers to create and attract more ideal clients, more time freedom and more money.  
That’s our mission.

So we need your help in spreading this message.  One that, we’re betting you are on board with and interested in sharing too.

What's Involved?

You’re probably wondering how you can bag yourself one of these prizes right?

Well, like we said; you get the Building Success Productivity Planner for FREE just as a welcome gift when you sign up. And then…

  • To get FREE access to our Websites course; you just need to share our podcast in one place and write us a review on iTunes. That’s it! So simple, right?
  • For your chance to WIN one of the 3 prizes; you simply need to earn as many points as you can.
  • You get 1 point for leaving a review on iTunes and 1 point for each time you share about the podcast on social media.
  • The 3 people with the most points, win the prizes.

And to make it as easy and quick for you to share, I’ll be sending you everything you need in advance.  We’re talking swipe graphics, swipe copy, how-to videos; the works.