Bespoke Logos & Branding For Horticultural Businesses

Your branding is key to attract your ideal clients, improve recognition of your business, and make you stand out from your competitors. Whether you’re interested as a new business, or looking for a rebrand, we’re here to help.


Richard Birch Gardens

Based in Scotland, Richard was looking for a fresh and bold update to the branding for his business.

Offering design, build and maintenance services, we incorporated three cohesive colours to highlight the different services. They all can be used for background colours as shown, creating versatile branding for a variety of uses.

The Paving Shop

With the relaunch of her online shop, Paula wanted branding that incorporated the new feel and offerings of the business. Much more than paving, The Paving Shop offers a variety of products suited to outdoor living.

Focusing on a lifestyle feel, ‘Outdoor Living Reinspired’ focuses on Paula and Mike’s vision for the business. Providing inspiration, quality products and service – this branding highlights the luxury feel requested for the launch.

We also created their new website, click here to view. You can find out more about our website services here.

Blue Solution Services

Adding a property service to their existing business, Blue Solution Services was looking for a modern update to their existing branding that incorporated their new business.

The finished branding has the overarching logo and branding for Blue Solution Services, with property and maintenance featuring their individual colours. All three logos are cohesive for a seamless experience.

We also created their new website, click here to view. You can find out more about our website services here.


Charlotte Russell

Charlotte’s bright hair complements her bright ideas, providing creative ways to achieve your goals and branding requirements. Creating all the branding you see on this page and more, Charlotte is the branding brains at The Landscaper’s Circle.


nitelux the landscapers circle
talasey group the landscapers circle
garden costs the landscapers circle

Your brand is so much more than just your logo.

It’s about the message you want to convey to your ideal clients. For example, that you are high-end or offer bespoke services, are a family business and focus on quality services. All of this goes into your branding guide and paves the way for the visual elements such as your logo.

Included in this service:

  • Mission Statement & Core Values
  • Matching (and/or complementary) Fonts & Colours
  • Custom Logo
  • Branding Guide

Once you have purchased this service, Charlotte will have a consultation with you via phone to discuss your ideas, desires and wants as well as who your ideal client is.

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