Marketing Your Christmas Closure

So, you might have clicked onto this blog post thinking ‘MARKETING my closure, Charlotte it is JUST a closure’ and I get it. Christmas is right around the corner and you’re probably wanting to wind down rather than have some more items on your to-do list.

However, by doing (a little) marketing and planning for your Christmas closure it can:

  • Get you some enquiries before you close
  • Show you are planning ahead for your business to potential clients
  • And most importantly, inform everyone you are closing. This gives them an understanding you will not be responding to emails and calls, allowing you to have a PROPER Christmas break – you deserve it!

So, how do you market your Christmas closure? I have given all the details in the video below:

As I mention in the video, we are offering a free Christmas Closure checklist. Now if you are already part of our TLC email community, you will already have received this from Mia in your inbox as a Christmas gift to you.

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Here is a sneak peek