Will you lose the personal touch with automation?

This week we have been discussing the merits of implementing a great customer journey using automations. To set up automated processes within your landscaping and design business not only saves a lot of time but it makes the process seamless for your customers. When discussing this during our member’s conversation on the podcast this week, the question was raised whether going automated would lose the personal touch.

This was an interesting point. However, the short answer is no you won’t lose the personal touch. You see when you create a customer journey and start looking at ways to automate it will almost always be through email communication. These emails will be written by you, in your style and personalised to them. So, they won’t know it is an automation. Plus, you will always be available to them should they respond or call in.

This was not all we discussed on the latest episode of The Limitless Landscapers Podcast. In fact, we spoke about cashflow forecasts, what to do when you win an award and how to improve your website with case studies. Listen to the newest episode of the podcast today, it is jam packed with advice just from talking with a valued member.

The full episode is available on our podcast Episode 18 of The Limitless Landscapers Podcast just click the link below to listen now:

The Landscaper’s Circle · Will You Lose Personal Touch When Using Automation?

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