Understanding GDPR Topic


In this topic, you’ll learn all about the GPDR, how it affects your business and what you need to implement into your processes.



In just 4 short video tutorials, our expert GDPR consultant Neil covers:

  • What exactly GDPR is (in plain English)
  • How it affects your business
  • Key principles you need to understand
  • What you need to do to mitigate risk and protect clients’ data

This is a topic that is critical for your business, no matter what your goals are in 2020. It is something you shouldn’t put off any longer – it’s not going anywhere!

Normally topics are exclusive to our members, but as this is such an important (and highly requested!) topic, we are offering this to non-members for £49.

Once you purchase this topic, you will receive an email with a link and information to the 4 video tutorials and workbook.

Please note, this topic does not ensure full GDPR compliance; however, it helps mitigate the risks and protect your clients’ personal data, which is most likely all you’ll need. Take it from Neil himself:

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email info@thelandscaperscircle.co.uk


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