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Whether you are just starting out and need help with your branding, or an established business looking for a rebrand, The Landscaper’s Circle can help you.

Our co-founder and branding specialist Charlotte will design a bespoke logo and branding guide for you, to attract your ideal clients and supercharge your marketing.


Even if you’re an established garden designer or landscaping professional, your branding is something that will be tweaked over the years and should incorporate the following:

  • Goals – Reflects the goals for the business, including any services you want to include in the future
  • Ideal Clients – Who are you trying to attract to your business? What appeals to them?
  • Your Preferences – What you like!

Effective branding is the foundation for all your marketing and integral to attracting more of your ideal clients. Your logo, fonts and colours inform everything within your business and affect how customers perceive you.

That’s why in this done for you service, our co-founder and branding specialist Charlotte includes:

  • Mission Statement
  • Core Values
  • Matching (and/or completmentary) Fonts & Colours
  • Custom Logo
  • Branding Guide

Once you have purchased this service, Charlotte will have a consultation with you via phone to discuss your ideas, desires and wants as well as who your ideal client is.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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