Reduce your workload by making these 3 changes

Reducing your workload is often associated with hiring a full-time member of staff, however there are three simple changes that don’t require this and dramatically decrease your workload:

  1. Outsource – stuff you can’t do or don’t want to do yourself

Outsourcing is a good way to get tasks done that you either don’t know how to do or it takes you a long time to complete. As you know, time is money so if you can save yourself time you can focus on the money earning tasks!

  • Book-keeping – save time by hiring someone to collect all receipts and invoices and send them to your accountant.
  • Accountant – Not only does your account save you filing your end of year, but also produces monthly management reports you can run alongside your cash flow spreadsheet, making managing your finances a lot easier and efficient.
  • Tax Advisor – Your tax advisor saves you time by organising your tax returns, corporation tax and personal tax. They can also help you be smart with your money, offering insight into where you could be saving in your business.
  • Answer phone service – ensures you never miss a call and avoids wasting your time on sales calls throughout the day. We always recommend
  • PAYE – save time by outsourcing payroll and CIS
  • Done for you – At The Landscaper’s Circle, we can do one-off or continuous custom marketing pieces for you! Save time by getting help with your marketing, so you can focus on getting those enquiries into customers.
marketing for landscapers

2. Automate – your follow up email campaigns

Do you spend time chasing people who you’ve quoted? Stop! Using an email software, for example MailChimp (which is free), you can create an automated set of emails to go out to these people.

Once you have quoted them, you add them to your ‘Open Quote’ contact list. If you don’t move them to a ‘Customer’ list or ‘Declined Quote’ list after a certain number of days, you can set Mailchimp to send them an email about their quote.

It can add their name and any other information you would like to personalise the email. Not only can you send the one email, but you could send a series:

  • 1 week of no response – Email one
  • 2 weeks of no response – Email two
  • 1 month of no response – Email three

TOP TIP: In email 2 or 3 you may want to offer them a promotion to encourage them to accept the quote. The email title could be ‘Exclusively for you (NAME), 5% off your (Driveway) quote!’

Not only does this save you time chasing quotes but allows you to see if the emails are working, as you can track whether they open the emails or click any links you have included. If they have, it may be worth calling them to see what’s preventing them accepting the quote.

3. Schedule – your social media posts

Social Media is an important marketing tool for every business but can become time-consuming if you don’t batch your uploads. is a free social media scheduling platform. By scheduling your posts, you can spend half an hour in one evening on social media rather than 10 minutes every day you post!

By looking at a week (or more!) social posts in one go, it also allows you to look at the type of things you are posting:

  • Add variety
  • Check what works and what doesn’t through the analytics section
  • Make sure your captions are going to attract people and sound in line with your brand vision
  • Use the relevant hashtags

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