Refresh For Success

Hello there! In December, I spoke to many horticultural business owners like yourself, and I received a consistent message – overwhelming frustration!

Nearly all of them were experiencing at least one of the four elements of frustration I outline for you below, and that I talk through in this short video.

As you have hopped onto this page, I’m willing to bet you’re experiencing at least one of them too. That’s why I am bringing you this free masterclass, Refresh For Success.

You can find out more info on this page, and complete the form below to get access to the live event on Monday 18th January at 10am and access to the replay.

It’s important to note that feeling frustrated and overwhelmed is inevitable as a business owner, particularly after the crazy year we had with 2020. I’m not here to tell you just to ‘think differently’, and I am not going to offer up some magic to make everything great. In fact, if you’re looking for 1000 clients in 10 days or some get rich scheme, this masterclass isn’t for you.

I am here to help you break down some of that overwhelm and frustration, by helping you with what you can control, to improve your business and make a change in your life.

How am I going to do this?

I break it down into three sections; Relax, Refresh and Recharge.

In the first section, it’s only right we start off with those four elements of frustration I mentioned earlier:

  1. Frustration with being in the same place you have been for years
  2. Frustration with how much crap is on your desk (day to day tasks)
  3. Frustration with how your business looks to potential clients, with your existing website and marketing
  4. Frustration with always being overwhelmed

I am going to be giving you actionable tips to overcome these, and get to a happier working life. Now, I am not a magic genie. These tips are going to require some work from you, but if you’re willing to show up for your business – even if that’s just a couple of minutes – then I can help.

Taken from a video of ours, I think this photo is the best way to describe how we all can feel in our businesses. I don’t want to put some zen-like spa photo here – we’re all about telling it like it is!

Refresh is where I deep dive into the third element of frustration of how your business looks to potential clients.

By the end of this section, you are going to have an action plan for getting your website and marketing where you want it to be. We’re going to be taking it step by step, mapping out where you are now, where you want to be and how we’re going to get you there.

You may be thinking ‘How long is this masterclass?!’, and I can assure you it’s only 45 minutes in total for the three sections. I am going to be going through each step for the action plan, but the great thing about having access to the replay is that you can go back through and watch again – pausing when you need to brainstorm ideas or map out what we’re discussing.

Last but definitely not least, Recharge is all about giving you some tools and knowledge to implement that action plan. I am going to give you the 5 social media trends in 2021 that will help your business, and how you can implement them without creating a ton of extra work for yourself.

Saying that though, I am not asking you to implement all of the trends. At The Landscaper’s Circle, we understand from Paula’s experience as a fellow owner of a design and landscaping business, and myself working for her and other businesses, that one size doesn’t fit all.

You will be able to pick the trends that are right for you, and I will be able to help you decide on those in the Q&A section.

We’ll then be tying up the masterclass with how you can implement this all, without crushing overwhelm, and get the success you have been dreaming of. Success is defined by you, so whether it’s that you want to get off the tools, or you’re looking for more of your dream clients, we’re here to help.

The Nitty Gritty

So, what exactly do you get when registering for this free masterclass?

  • Access to the live event – I will be holding this masterclass on Monday 18th January at 10am. After completing one of the forms on this page, you will be sent a watch link to attend the event. This will be held on Zoom, so whether you’re in the office or on site, you can watch from any device.
  • Masterclass Workbook – You will also be sent a link to the downloadable workbook, ready for your awesome notes. This can be filled in on your computer or printed off.
  • Access to the replay – After the event, I will send you the replay link and password via email. This will be available for two weeks.

Paula and Mia will be in the comments answering your questions and also offering support throughout this masterclass.

This is the only time I will be running this masterclass in 2021, so don’t miss out! Not only can you watch the masterclass, but at the end we will be holding a Q&A where you can pick my brains about anything!

Let’s make 2021 your best year yet,


P.S. Find out how we know this will work for you below – it’s based off experience!

Why the heck should you listen to us?

The Landscaper’s Circle was co-founded by Paula and myself. Over eight years ago, Paula left her own sales and marketing company to join her husband’s small landscaping business.

Within just 5 years, she won an award for Business of The Year, garnered many awards for landscaping projects, and was published in multiple newspapers and magazines. This business consistently hits 5-figure income months, and although it’s had much success, Paula wanted to change the loneliness she felt in the industry by creating The Landscaper’s Circle.

By us experiencing pretty much every high and low you can in business, you can learn from these experiences, alongside our group of outside experts. I myself started out as an apprentice for Paula’s landscaping business, gaining valuable knowledge of how the horticultural industry ticks.

Not only do I have knowledge of the industry, but has also worked with global manufacturers inside and outside the industry, and I am qualified with the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

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