Repurposing your content

This week’s episode is part two of a recent members convo with our lovely Kate Charles from Kate Charles Garden Design. We are looking at content, re-purposing content, newsletters and email campaigns and everything in between.

As a business owner who wants to be consistently present online means creating a shed load of content. This takes time, but what if you could use this carefully crafted content for more than just what you wanted it for? This is the beauty of repurposing!

So, what does repurposing mean exactly. Well, to put it simply if you create a blog then you can tweak, amend or snippet the content to use:

  1. On social media platforms
  2. Within an email campaign
  3. In your newsletters

This will save you time and maximise the impact of the content you have produced. It is great to draw people back to your website and ultimately get more enquiries and grow your business. This episode is a quick snippet of just what you can do with your content. It’s only a short episode so an easy listen if you are new here!

Why listen to us? Well, we create A LOT of content for our own business as well as other landscaping and design businesses and suppliers to the industry. We regularly create and repurpose content everywhere. So if we can do it, you can too.

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