Your lifesavers for sending large files online

Whether you’re looking to send a high-quality project photo over to your van wrap company, large design files to your clients or anything else, you SHOULD NEVER send these as an attachment by email. Why? Not only will the recipient’s email mark it as junk, but their servers may even block your email going to their inbox completely. It is best to use one of the two lifesavers below:

  1. Dropbox Transfer

If you have a Dropbox account (free or paid!) you already have access to this feature, and it is AMAZINGLY quick and easy to use – you don’t even have to go to your browser. Sending large files is just a right click away, as I show in the video tutorial below.

This link allows the recipient to download the files direct to their computer – no hassle! Click here for more information about Dropbox Transfer.

  1. WeTransfer

A bit more well-known; WeTransfer is an online site purely for sending files. It creates a download link like Dropbox transfer. The only difference we have noticed between the two options is that Dropbox Transfer is simply quicker and easier to implement. The number of emails I receive from clients and co-workers that says ‘Just sent a WeTransfer link’ to make sure I received it is unreal, you are sending 2 emails instead of 1!Saying that, if you don’t store your files on Dropbox then WeTransfer is an excellent option. It is simple and effective; we’re just being nit-picky! Which you always should be when implementing a new process. Here’s a tutorial below:

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