3 Best Social Media Scheduling Apps for 2020

If you’re not posting regularly on social for your landscaping business, trust me I get it.

You may be fully aware of the positive impact it can have on your business but after being on site all day or running around quoting projects, the LAST thing you want to do is spend time trying to think of an image to post, let alone what the caption should be!

Although today isn’t about what you could be posting (though we do cover this in our social media topic), you can save yourself time by batching your posts and scheduling them to go live for a later date.

Instead of scrolling on your phone one evening, why not grab a cuppa’ and spend the same 30 mins scheduling at least one week’s worth of posts? So you don’t have to worry on the day, it’s already live.

Now there are a LOT of scheduling apps out there and over the years I’ve tried quite a few, so to save you some time here are the top three apps for scheduling your posts:

As promised, here are the app links:

Save time and start scheduling your posts right now! Don’t put it off until tomorrow.

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See you there!