Stand out to potential customers with these 3 simple changes

Make these simple changes within your business to make it stand out to potential customers and add value to your business. Not only are these tips simple to implement, but are also inexpensive:


Branded t-shirts or polo shirts make the world of difference! In potential and existing customers’ eyes, it adds to their opinion of you being a professional company. It helps build their trust in you and for potential customers, adds to their decision to accept your quote.

Also, by having your logo, website and phone number on the back of the shirts, it makes your company instantly recognisable – building that brand awareness in potential customers. So, when they look at updating their outdoor area, they remember you.

The Landscaper’s Circle had t-shirts exactly like this for the Landscape Show and it doesn’t cost a fortune. The orange t-shirts were from M&S at £4.50 each and the printing on the back cost £4 per shirt – so a total of only £8.50 per shirt!

If you find a local printing and embroidery company, they should be able to supply the shirts themselves which may be cheaper if you’re buying in bigger numbers.

Custom Email

Rather than having @gmail or @hotmail, a custom domain that matches your website is not only easier to remember for potential and existing customers, but also adds that touch of professionality, again building that trust and adding value to your business.

From as little as a couple of pounds per month, it’s something small that has a big impact.


If you’re on the tools, often miss the phone or only want to accept calls at certain times of day then is for you.

You can purchase credits so that real life people will answer the call. You receive a text with the caller’s details and what the call was regarding.

You can set time of days for to always be the first port of call or have it running 24/7.

It makes sure that you never miss an enquiry and when someone is consistently there to answer the phone, it again positions yourself as a reputable and professional company. It’s a much cheaper alternative to having a person in the office and still effective.

You can find out more information here.

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