Sub-Contractors VS Employed

Sub-contractor VS Employed; When looking to expand your team,  you may be torn between hiring a subcontractor or full-time employee. Deciding between the two can be difficult and is something we speak to business owners a lot about. That’s why in the second of our staff blog series, in partnership with HL services, we’re focusing on this decision. A sub-contractor is someone from another business who is contracted to complete a task or a part of a contracted role. An employee is a person working for your business for pay. Choosing which is best for your business depends on your needs and the role which needs to fill.   

When deciding whether to hire a sub-contractor or hiring an employee, you need to contemplate how much control and involvement you would like to have. Behavioural and financialcontrol are two factors which need to be taken into consideration. How and when the work is completed depends on which route you take. An employee follows the schedule you provide whereas sub-contractor works on their schedule and within their time frame. 

If you prefer to give more direction on the task and the quality of the job, hiring an employee would be more beneficial. You can determine how your employee is trained, their method of work and their timeliness. Sub-contractors are established and provide their materials, decide their work schedule, their method of work and how they are trained. Additionally, they are flexible workers, who come and go as they flow with the necessity of the job.   

Regardless of which route you take, ensure that you choose what’s right for your business. When dealing with sub-contractors make sure they are legally documented, qualified and have had the right training to complete the task at hand. Subsequently, make sure you have a training system and policies in place, to ensure that the employee you hire performs at your expected level. Employees are continuously loyal to your company whereas Sub-contractors can potentially be working for competitors and the work done may not be exclusively done for your business. 

Ultimately, if you have a good flow of job opportunities, you should have a good flow of workers and a mix of both subcontractors and employees. Remember that if the jobs are not completed in the manner you desire, the resolution of the situation differs immensely depending on whom you have hired or contracted.

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