Subcontractors vs PAYE in landscaping

As you may now over the last few weeks, we have started our popular members convo podcast episodes. These episodes are based around how we can help our members with their current issues in their landscaping and design businesses.

These have proven popular with our regular podcast listeners and it is probably because the questions we answer and give advice on are the same questions you want answered in your business. They might be questions that you were afraid to ask, and we do it here on these conversations.

In our THIRD members convo of the series we discuss the problems with staffing in the industry, how to attract staff to you, where to search for them and everything in between. I think everyone has had the issues our members want advice on, so this is an episode worth taking the time to listen to.

What do we know about staff? Well having run a landscaping business for ten years and at one point grown to fifteen staff, I have tried everything from taking on apprentices to knowing what ad works best on what platform. The journey when running a landscaping and design business is a rollercoaster at best but that’s why we are here to help you with our knowledge and expertise as well as our lessons learnt from first-hand experiences.

The full members convo is available on our podcast The Limitless Landscapers Podcast just click the link below to listen now:

The Landscaper’s Circle · Subcontractors vs PAYE in Landscaping

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