Successfully Launching To A New Audience

This week we have been discussing how you can successfully launch a new product, service or business to a small audience. The importance is the launch and not the size of the list. It can sometimes seem that if you don’t have a large list then your launch is doomed to fail but that is not the case.

Before we even get to the size of your list, you need to look at a number of things first:

  1. Craft your client avatar
  2. Craft your core message
  3. Craft your marketing strategy

We talk you through the steps you need think about before launching, the strategy behind the launch and everything in between! This episode is well worth a listen even if you are looking at extending your services, widening your work area, re-branding or starting from scratch.

Why listen to us? Well, we have successfully launched a number of businesses, products and services over the years (most of them in the landscaping industry). The launches have been to, large and small lists alike. What a launch is really about is; your business values, the quality of your offering and how well you execute on a marketing strategy.

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