The Limitless Landscapers Podcast!

Do you want to get off the tools, spend more time with family or grow your landscaping or garden design business?

It’s all in your hands, the possibilities are limitless – we just need to get you focused on how to get there. On this podcast, we arm you with everything you need to achieve success with tried and tested experiences from a fellow landscaper, so let’s begin.

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Paula took her landscaping business from near collapse to consistently earning 6 figures – here’s how.


We are passionate about helping other landscapers learn more about marketing and growing their businesses. It is our mission to help landscapers worldwide get more customers, spend more time off the tools and with their family and growing their businesses to their vision of success. We not only show you how to do this, but we coach and support you on your journey too. Paula is a fellow landscaper who has been running her landscaping business with her husband for the last 10 years. Their journey has had ups and downs that all provided lessons in business that we want to share with others.