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Effectively plan, maximise your profits and conversions, and get access to a marketing strategy that gets you more of the RIGHT clients.

On Thursday 3rd December, Paula and Charlotte were LIVE bringing you 12 amazing expert sessions (see below), and exclusive offers for attending the event.

Whether you’re just starting out, wanting to grow, or looking to streamline, this is for you.

The experts at your fingertips

Reviewing your 2020

2020 has been a rollercoaster, and while we may be hesitant to review this year, it is crucial for planning 2021. Paula will be talking you through key metrics you need to review in your business, to ensure effective planning and success ahead.

Maximising Your Profits & Conversions

Jamie has a passion for sharing his property and business knowledge, with a love for guiding people over the highs and lows that any entrepreneur faces. Jamie is going to be showing you five ways to maximise your profits and tips on conversions, the methods he uses to make his millions.

How To Combat Overwhelm

Getting stuck in overwhelm is inevitable for business owners and it’s not your fault. In this session, Heidi is going to be talking you through how to cut through the overwhelm and get out of the overwhelm trap.

Supporting Your Team’s Wellbeing

Poor mental health wellbeing can affect physical, mental, financial and social health. Kate and Helen are going to be giving you some top tips and easy to use tools to recognise signs of stress, solutions and feel in control.

An Introduction to GDPR

Taken from our GDPR members’ topic, Neil will be giving you an overview into GDPR and the principles. GDPR isn’t going anywhere and shouldn’t be overlooked in your business.

Industry Outlook for 2021

The fact that people have had to stay at home has encouraged them look at their gardens. Landscapers and designers have been quick to respond and many have benefitted from this surge in popularity. Question is, is it sustainable? How can we as an industry ensure this upward trend takes us through 2021?


The ‘Total Talasey’ portfolio of product brands, bespoke manufacturing services, Customer Care, Technical Support and the recently formed Landscape Team really provides a one stop shop for landscaping professionals.

Streamlining Your Project Processes

Particularly if one of your goals for 2021 is to get more clients for your horticultural business, then you need to make sure your processes can sustain this. In this seminar, Sam Hassall will be talking you through streamlining your project processes to ensure maximum profitability.

Outdoor Lighting For 2021

Wanting to include outdoor lighting in your designs? Looking to add lighting installation to your services? In this session, Paul will be providing you with a tick list for designing garden lighting with 12volt products, basic installation tips and more!

Planning For Financial Stability & Savings

Poor financial wellbeing can affect physical, mental and social health. In this session, Kate and Helen offer some easy tools and tips for getting more in control of your money.

London Stone

Jamie Norris will be discussing how COVID-19 has had both positive and more challenging effects on our business. As we look forward to 2021 and beyond, he will discuss how London Stone’s range of products has increased to incorporate more lifestyle products, and how our product ranges offer different prices to suit different budgets.

Beyond The Basics Of Facebook Ads

Going a step further than the basic guides to setting up a Facebook ad campaign, this talk will take you through: What your business needs to have in place BEFORE you publish a campaign, What objectives and outcomes you should be expecting from your ad campaign (and which ones to avoid) My top tip for 2021: how to use ads to get appointment bookings (most landscapers aren’t using this system yet).

Marketing Strategy For 2021

Rounding up the day is Charlotte, outlaying how to run an effective marketing strategy for your business in 2021. Whether you’re looking for more clients, or more of the RIGHT clients, this session is for you.

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How does the replay work?

Access the event anywhere, and on any device! Whether you’ll be tuning in on your laptop, tablet or phone you can watch and improve your business. Plus, the replay fits within the school run so you don’t have to watch extra in the evening.

Once you have purchased your replay, you will be sent a welcome pack in the post with your printed workbook, ready for your awesome notes. You will receive the link to watch via email.

What People Are Saying

Say goodbye to boring, theory based seminars

Tried & Tested

Everything you’ll be learning is tried and tested by our experts, not theoretical. All lessons are easy to follow and quick to implement.

Latest Information

We have fresh content and some fresh faces to bring to the industry. Every piece of advice comes from the very latest information and experiences.

TLC Take Aways

With every session, you will see key actions highlighted from our team. You can also then refer back to these with the replay of the day.

This webinar was packed with useful advice That was specific to the industry, particularly for those just starting out – but also good to review strategies and think about what I could be doing better.

A helpful webinar with a range of different ideas to use to develop my business further.

Tanya Willis

There was very good pre- webinar workbook prep to do, and then always a follow up recording and content sent promptly. I also never thought Instagram could be so useful in business promotion. Don’t even get me started on the wonders of the hashtag!! Talk about scales falling from eyes!! Of course it’s all still utterly terrifying to me but at least I have a framework to start from!!! Thanks TLC 😊


Charlotte is truly inspirational. She explains topics clearly and articulately. I realise I have so much to do with my business. Thanks so much.

Penny Schwier

The sessions were excellent. Far exceeded my expectations. So much useful and productive information for me to work with. Thank you.

Jonathan Venables

The webinar with Charlotte was very helpful, there were many things covered which will help me improve my business. I look forward to becoming a member to learn more!

Hannah R

This gave me greater insight into how to approach getting new customers with new actions.

Ann Dukes. MSGD

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