We are here for landscapers & garden designers to start, build and grow their businesses.

A place to build your business to the success you have always wanted it to be.

Are you the proud owner of a garden design or landscaping business looking to grow your business and get a better work life balance?

Are you the garden designer or landscaper that is just coasting along and looking for the next challenge?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, you are in the right place!

Our goal is to teach you how to market and grow your business whilst making more money along the way!

We are the only online membership exclusively for garden designers, landscapers and horticultural businesses, and we created this for you as we are one of you!

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We use Slack to allow our members to connect with each other! List your details on the directory, message each other via the app, collaborate on projects and get help and advice instantly.

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Marketing Masterclasses

Every quarter we run a marketing masterclass either virtually or in-person.

Done for you discount

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As a VIP member you will get a 1:1 call with Paula every quarter to move your business forward with a plan of action.

Here’s why TLC just works…

It was created by a designer and landscaper, me, especially for other designers and landscapers. It was created because I saw what was lacking in the industry, amazing skilled landscapers and designers who are passionate about their business but struggled with areas of marketing and running a business as it grew.

Having run my own design and landscaping business for 11 years I have not only tried and tested A LOT of marketing and business strategies but I have experienced the ups and downs of running a business and with little to no support.

This is why TLC was created, to provide support for you whilst you are on this crazy business journey, to teach you everything we know about marketing and running a business and to tell you what we have learnt and what works.

Being part of TLC is the way to fast track your garden design or landscaping business to the next level with the added bonus of having two experienced marketers and business owners at your side.

I can’t afford this because I am at the beginning of my journey…

In the early days, (TLC) was absolutely invaluable. Just knowing that the support was there actually is, has been so helpful because it’s really hard cause you’re on your own. And there was a point right in the middle of lockdown. When I thought I’m going to pack up, you know, this is not going well, I’m going to pack it in.

A lot of people look at the surface and go, I can’t afford it. But the benefit that I’ve seen, if I’d known that before, I would have known that actually I can’t afford not to.

My favourite part about TLC is the support and camaraderie

That monthly challenge to look at our actions and to think about how we move forward. I feel like I’ve got, I’ve got two people that have got my back and really thinking about how we can develop the business and move it forward.

As a self-employed person working alone, it feels like I’m part of a bigger team, which is really, really good.

You can see the positive impact almost immediately…

I originally joined up with The Landscaper’s Circle because I wanted to have access to their online tutorials and workbooks. What I didn’t really anticipate getting so much out of the group sessions.

I have found those really useful and confidence building in terms of setting goals, not overthinking the steps that I should be taking, and just having the discipline to crack on with the baby steps necessary to build my business or reach the goals that I’ve set for that particular month. And they often are quite small things that feel quite big when you’re on your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

By joining our waitlist, you will be the first in the know when we reopen and get access to exclusive bonuses. Upon sign up, you will be emailed access to the ‘How To Grow Your Design Or Landscaping Business in 90 days or less!’ replay.

No you are not commited to becoming a paying member. When joining the waitlist, you are just expressing an interest in The Landscaper’s Circle and will be sent email updates and offers accordingly.