Weed out Timewasters before a consultation

Are you frustrated with time wasters? This blog is all about how to weed out time wasters before a consultation. Although there will always be enquiries that aren’t suited to your company, there are ways you can attract your ideal client and save time at wasted consultation.

In this podcast I talk about:

  • Client avatars
  • How to say no
  • Enquiry forms
  • Crafting marketing content around your avatars

One way to avoid wasting time on poor quality enquires is to charge for consultations. I do this to attract my ideal client. Also this prevents wasting time on other people that aren’t your ideal client and miss out on bigger opportunities. 

So how do you say no to a client:

  • Tell them you have a long lead time
  • Quote a higher price so the client says no to you
  • Create a minimum size of job you will take on

Listen now to podcast episode 29 of the Limitless Landscapers Podcast. Just click the link below:

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