Who are you building a business for?

This is part two in our third member convo in the series. It was an interesting conversation that revolved around growing the business, family and working with your partner (always interesting!).

We thought this would be a good convo to share as many of you fellow landscapers and designers out there are probably in the same boat or can relate to what we were chatting about. As we all know the journey in business is not linear there are ups and downs, twists and turns and many bumps in the road! But if it wasn’t like this everyone would be doing it. There are reasons why you guys chose to run your own businesses and every up and down is an opportunity to learn more and make better choices and decisions the next time.

When it comes to navigating growth in your business then there are a few areas to start with. We discussed starting with the long-term goal and working backwards from there Then, look at what roles will be required in the business and what their tasks will be. This will definitely help you get clear on what staff you need. Finally beginning to learn and master the art of management and delegation. Something we have not been taught but we must develop in order to grow.

Having actively been running a landscaping business for the last 10 years and managing staff since I was 22 years old. I have first-hand experience and can categorically say it is not easy. It is still a learning curve for me (and I had actual management training!) the key is to learn and improve continually. Put in place the right people and processes and everything will begin to fall into place. Just know we are all in this together!

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The Landscaper’s Circle · Who are you building a business for?

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