Why You NEED A Crappy First Draft

What do we mean by a crappy first draft? This can be your website, an email campaign, an advert, launching a new product or service etc, etc! A common theme heard a lot in the industry is to get your website perfect before sending enquiries to it…! Why wait? You may miss out on jobs that you want just because your website is not how you want it to be. Just focus on getting your first (possibly) crappy draft out there and get perfect later!

We are talking about making continual improvements and tweaks to all your marketing and services. In order to improve you need to get something out there i.e. your crappy (or not so crappy) first draft. It’s important to get better at marketing, just by getting stuck into it and working on that skill, whether that’s a blog or a Google Ad – practice makes perfect. Just keep tracking, tweaking & improving!

We have had our first drafts; in fact we have 10 drafts of the TLC website home page to date and we are still tweaking and improving it. So the message here is don’t be afraid to get your first drafts out in front of the world, it’s the only way you can then review and improve and it is the only way you are going to get better (more perfect!).

I urge you to listen to this episode if you are feeling nervous about getting your first drafts out there, or perhaps you are still working on something because it is not perfect or ready yet. Do yourself a favour and listen to this week’s episode it just might help you!

The Landscaper’s Circle · Why You NEED A Crappy First Draft

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